Even if you have a LinkedIn profile, it’s not correctly done.
Maybe you have already got a LinkedIn profile. However, it’s not properly written. Here are 6 indicators that it’s not:

  • No picture.
  • Having a picture but it’s unprofessional or not current.
  • Not having a strong headline. What you say upfront about yourself matters! A LinkedIn profile headline displays your characteristic as a professional. If you don’t have a title, nor show what value you offer, you can’t establish your credibility.
  • No detailed work history or irrelevant, incomplete, or inaccurate employment history/education background.
  • Not having the right keywords employers look for in your work history.
  • Inappropriate or irrelevant skills and interests. It is best to display a career related hobby or interest, rather than the interest you show to your family and friends on Facebook. After all, LinkedIn is your professional network.
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