If you want to be noticed by a head-hunter or potential employer on Linkedin, you should think about these 7 questions before you craft your profile.

  1. What do you want to be known for (e.g. the expert in your niche)?
  2. Who do you want to work for?
  3. Where are they located?
  4. What are the job titles, roles, responsibilities you want to have?
  5. What are the core competences, experiences, skills, professional certificates your potential employers look for?
  6. What your past achievements will be attractive to them?
  7. What’s your value proposition? Why should they hire you?

Your message must be clear, relevant to your audience, compelling enough to attract their attention.

12 Steps to Build a Winning LinkedIn Profile

  1. Choose a professional portrait
  2. Putting up a picture where you are wearing a birthday hat or a Halloween costume is just not appropriate for a professional profile.

  3. Create an attractive background banner
  4. Linkedin background banner is much underutilized. It’s a great place to display your personal brand. Make good use of it. You can use this free website www.canva.com to easily design your own banner. Keep it simple, use high resolution pictures that relevant to your job/industry, not too extravagant, include your contact information on the banner to make it easy for your audience to contact you.

  5. Write a compelling headline
  6. You must have your job title, company, your value proposition in the headline to catch the eye of the head-hunters and hiring managers.

  7. Write the summary that encourages your reader to continue reading your profile in detail
    • You must have your “hook”/the most important statements in the first 3 lines.
    • Think about who are your readers?
    • What do they look for in your profile? When they see that THING, they will keep reading?
    • Your most significant professional achievements?
    • How can you add value to their bottom line?
    • The key words you want to be searched for.

  8. Complete your work history accurately and effectively
  9. You must have the right dates that are in line with your CV. Moreover, it must include not only job title, company name but you can also add some major achievements.

  10. Use the right keywords
  11. so that you can beat the automation system as well as be found by recruiters and employers

  12. Showcase the value you can add to the employers
  13. Putting this out there will give the hiring managers an incentive to give you a fair chance.

  14. List relevant skills and interests
  15. (Not your personal hobbies) – It simply adds to talents you acquire and represents that you are specifically qualified for this position.

  16. Get endorsements and recommendations
  17. The recommendations are like your social proof online. It plays a role of inviting your readers want to know your more. It also gives confidence of those who are interesting in hiring you. Here is an excellent article by Liz Ryan on how to write a killer Linkedin recommendation which you can use it as a guideline when asking for recommendations.

  18. Showcase your success stories
  19. e.g. projects, published research articles, etc.

  20. Extra:
  21. share relevant posts, and write your own articles. Comment you industry influencer and peer’s posts.

  22. Build your online network.
  23. If you are not in the searching person’s network, you won’t show up on their search results. It’s important to have a large network (1, 2, 3rd degree connection to the hiring/searching person). The more relevant connections you have, the wider your network will be so you will appear in more searches. How to do that:

    • Join relevant groups
    • Connect with your industry influencers in your industry
    • Proactively seeking to connect with colleagues and other people in the industry
    • Selectively connect with head hunters (only good ones)
    • You need to have at least 500 quality connections
    • Avoid connecting with LinkedIn Open Networker (LIONs) or Super Connectors
    • Build a new work with people in the country you look for a job in (This helps local head hunters find you)
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