The best job lies not online but in your network. The smart job hunter networks themselves into their next dream job but not by applying online. But you may say, “Well, I don’t know many people.” Or even “I know nobody”.

That’s wrong. It’s IMPOSSIBLE one doesn’t know anyone that can put you in touch with the right person who may have the job you want or who is the decision maker you need to speak with. Here is an incomplete list:

  • The sales manager who works in the same company with the IT department head you want to work for.
  • The columnist who writes about the sectors you are interested.
  • The friend whose friend works for the company you admire.
  • The postman who delivers post to all the companies you want to work for in that area.
  • The parent of your kid’s classmate who happens to work for the company you want to work for.
  • The auditor working in PWC or another Big 4 accounting firm is a service provider for the company of your dream.
  • The friend who goes to the same church as you works in the sales department of your dream company.
  • Your pastor who knows almost everyone of all walks of lives in your church.
  • Your neighbour who knows the supplier for the company on your target list.
  • The manager of your target company whose profile on linkedin and can be reached by a Linkedin message or inMail easily.
  • The investor who invested in the company you want to join.
  • A high school alumnus happens to be in the same college as the manager you need to know.
  • The conference organiser who knows almost any speakers and many attendees to his events is acquainted with the decision makers you need to know.

The list could go on and on…

Yes, I agree you are unlikely to know the hiring manager directly, nor you know many on the list above. However, if you pick up the phone, instant message… start talking to someone other than searching for a job online. Remember the six-degree separation rule? It always starts with one connection. Make a plan how you can expand your network by thinking out of the box. Take one step at a time. You will eventually get there. If you work harder, you will have interviews lined up in a few days or maybe the next day. I’m not kidding as I speak based on my own and other people’s experience.

Yes, it does take some work. Isn’t great things worthy the effort?

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