What Our Clients Say

Ying L

Ying L

Cost Director

"The system/strategies you taught me really work. I had little idea how to present my value, negotiating my worth regardless I was good at what I do. Nor I know how to deal with headhunters. With your help, I went from lost for months to win my dream job in a few weeks. Many thanks for opening my eyes to just how dysfunctional the conventional job search methods and hiring process are. "


Charles S


"By following Angelina’s system, I didn’t have to apply for jobs online. I successfully switched to an entirely new industry I thought would be impossible before. I landed the job I loved in a few weeks and negotiated an excellent total package and flex working terms. I could have never imagined I could achieve these nor ask for a significant raise when I was already laid off.“


Nancy Z


"Angelina helped me to make a successful transition from education to the financial sector. I had no clue what the interviewers’ expectations were nor how to interview well in the financial sector as I only worked in the university my entire career. But I landed my dream job in the world’s top bank in a few months after receiving her advice."


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