Charles S.

Director, A Leading Marketing Solutions Company Serving the Fortune 500, US

Angelina dedicated the last few months helping me to properly execute many action items moving forward for my career. Her ethics, values, and standards aligned with mine. I have extremely high expectations when it comes to my career and Angelina exceeded beyond my imagination! I chose Angelina to be my career strategist because she was not only an ex-top headhunter but also an ex-senior talent management executive in a world-renowned company. She has the expertise and experiences from both sides of the fence that many other career coaches don’t’ have. She can quickly tell a client’s unique value, coach him how to market them effectively to the hiring managers to win the job offer. She helped me perfect my resume, social media profiles like Linked-in, and button up to meet the global standards of today. She taught me how to think differently about my current employment situation and organize my portfolio that was more comparable and aligned to get paid what I am worth. She helped me land a dream job that was not only a change in my field but also challenges me. By following Angelina’s guidance, I didn’t have to apply for jobs online. I successfully switched to an entirely new industry I thought would be impossible before. I landed the executive job I loved in a few weeks and negotiated an excellent total package and flex working. I could have never imagined I could achieve these nor ask for a significant raise when I was already laid off.

Jared T.

Director, The World's Leading Charity Fund

Before I started in this role, I had difficulties in knowing how to position myself, especially with headhunters. Angelina helped me to bring focus to my strengths and highlight them, which made my LinkedIn profile stand out in searches. She also shared with me the best practices for going through the application and interview process. As a result, during my job search phase, I was receiving 2-3 headhunter requests each week, and I went through my interviews with a distinct clarity of purpose. I'm now in what I consider to be a dream job, with global impact and work-life balance integrated. Angelina has really helped me to realise my value to my organisation and to look at total compensation when considering a role.

Shimin T.

Associate Manager, Amazon

Dear Angelina, Just want to say thank you for the webinar conducted 10 days ago. I am glad that I woke up at 4am Singapore time to attend the workshop! It was really motivational and helped me got my current job with a huge increment and promotion in just a few days 🙂

Grace Y

HR Manager, A Fortune 100 Company, China

Angelina is a rare to find career strategist and coach because she has rich experience as a top headhunter as well as head of recruitment in one of the world's most prestigious investment companies. I have known her for over 12 years since she first joined MRI, where she built the practice from ground zero during the 2008 crisis. I have seen Angelina inspired and enlightened numerous candidates and clients. She is very passionate about helping others to thrive in their career as well living fulfilling lives. She is always generous with her love, advice, encouragement and praises. When I worked with her, Angelina gave me invaluable advice not only for my professional skills but also career advancement. Because of her rich experiences, global perspective and creative mind, I'm always fascinated by her unique insights and ideas. She can always find ways to do things differently and better. I'm grateful to have a mentor and coach in my life to lead, guide, encourage and push me so that I don't have to go through all the trial and error but fasttrack to my success. Angelina is always the first career coach I will think of when I l need a breakthrough and enlightenment.

Jason F.

Managing Director, A Top Hong Kong Listed Real Estate Developer

Angelina guided me through seven rounds of tough interviews for a GM position, she not only thoroughly prepared me for each round of interview but also help me identify my areas for improvement. Eventually, I got the job. She also helped to set me up for success even before I started the job.

Kendrick K

Executive Director, A Leading Asset Management Company, Singapore

Angelina had impressed me with her warmth, wisdom, and kindness online, over the phone, and in person. She prepares and debriefed me for each round of interviews thoroughly, provided much insights and coached me to how to demonstrate my capabilities. By applying her formula, I nailed the interviews stress-free and got the job I love. She stroke me most when she reminded to send appreciation notes to the interviewers. ”Angelina has an in-depth knowledge of recruitment and human resources management procedures. I learned later that she had developed comprehensive recruitment procedures similar to ISO standards that conducted detailed due diligence processes, reporting records, follow up on required logistics and others that culminated in excellent internal customer experience. Subsequently, I obtained her assistance as part of talent acquisition service to recruit staff for my team. She endeavours to understand our recruitment needs, dealt with a variety of issues to appreciate the day-to-day operations and ultimately the big picture aims of our business. I truly appreciate her drive in work excellence and great partnership of which provided quality and fast speed of talent acquisition service to me and my team. The staff that we recruited are top performers and it helped build the successful team together.

Nancy Z

VP, External Relations, One of the Largest International Banks

I landed my dream job in the world’s top bank in a few months after getting Angelina's advice. I couldn't have nailed the interview nor made a successful transition from education to financial sector with Angelina's coaching.

Albert W.

Associate Director, A Global Real Estate Fund

Angelina helped me to kick start my career post MBA. Her industry knowledge and insights helped me to choose the better job opportunity and fast track to director level in just two years out of BSchool. She also provided ongoing coaching and mentoring for my future job search. The help is invaluable.  I cannot thank her enough for her care and guidance during my career advancement.

Cissy Z

HR Manager, A Top Investment Firm, China

I didn’t have a good universities degree. I had no confidence, nor I knew where and how far I could go in my career. Angelina helped me to see my worth, developed a blueprint for my career advancement. With her help, I made a successful transition from agency to in-house recruiter which was an essential stepping stone to my dream job as an HR manager. She also helped me to get a 40% pay rise.

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