Angelina Cheng

How your life would be different if you can land the job you love and get 20% or even 100% pay rise in less than three months?

Maybe you are in the wrong job, or you are stuck in a rut where you are undervalued and underpaid, or you can’t get the promotion and pay rise you deserve.  You may have spent endless hours online actively searching for jobs for months. You know very well that you are perfectly qualified for the positions you have applied for, but you rarely get interviews and the job offer went to others. You have been approached by recruiters but just dead silence after they promised to call back.

I was in the same boat and asking myself these exact questions 15 years ago, until one day, I cracked the job hunting code.

I landed the job I love, jumped up 2 levels and more than doubled my salary in just 2 weeks! After that, I had never needed to apply for another job because I got directly headhunted into jobs I loved. I even managed to have my dream job created for me, and transition into new industries and new roles with zero previous experience. I became a high flyer with a 6-figure salary, reached the peak of my corporate career by the age of 38 and lived a life of my dream, while many of my peers were still middle managers.

“How could it be possible?” You may ask. It is possible if you have the right strategy and know the steps I took. This career acceleration formula I developed is based on my 20 years’ experience as a job hunter, headhunter, in-house head of recruitment and hiring manager.

Imagine what you could do the with 30K extra? Get onto the property ladder earlier? Go on more holidays? Pamper your beloved ones? Upgrade that old car you wish to change for years?

Imagine if you could reach the top of your career and retire early? Travelling around the world when your peers are still stuck in their 9-5 job? Learning a new skill? Developing a new hobby… which many people can dream of only after 65, the official retirement age.

Having been sitting on both sides of the fence for 12 years, I have known the ins and outs of what companies are looking for in talent, how the hiring decisions are made and what are the flaws in the hiring process.

As a headhuntther in the private equity industry, I had the opportunity to work closely with not only the best and smartest institutional investors but also the entrepreneurs of their portfolio companies. They taught me the best practices in talent acquisition and how to recruit top performing teams to build great companies.

Being the head of recruitment for an investment firm, I personally contributed to the streamlining of our talent acquisition strategy and processes which represents the highest standard in our industry.  All these experiences accumulated on two sides of the fence helped me to make my Career Accelerator Formula complete.

However, headhunters don’t work for individuals but companies. They get paid by the companies that will be hiring the individuals, so they will always have the company’s best interest at heart. How would you like to have an ex-headhunter and hiring manager working on your side? Even if there is a headhunter representing your future employer, you also have your own “seasoned advisor” helping you to make sure they do a good job?

I wish I had a mentor like me, and knew back then what I know now! It would have saved me so much trial and error and time to reach my career goals. That’s why I have created the Career Accelerator Formula to help others like my younger self and those who are not in a fulfilling career they deserve. You don’t have to do it the hard way. There is an easier and smarter way. You can land and thrive in a job you love and get paid you are worth.

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As a former job seeker, hiring manager, headhunter and senior in-house recruiter, I’m passionate about helping you to land your dream job and thrive in your career. I spent over a decade to study successful people’s growth trajectory, successful companies’ hiring processes and talent strategies. I personally interviewed over 20,000 people, placed over 400 candidates into the worlds’ leading companies. I have worked for start-ups, small medium and large sized multinational corporations and Chinese state-owned enterprises.

My clients include some of the world’s most well-known investment firms and their portfolio companies. I have direct, practical experience of what makes a company’s talent acquisition system work or not. Having worked in-house has helped me deeply understand the recruitment business, how hiring decisions are made on the employer side and understand the right approach to talent management. My unique perspective from both sides (i.e. as a headhunter and internal recruiter) enables me to give my clients 360 degree help, especially regarding their job search, interview and salary negotiation process. Many of the people I helped are among the top performers in their companies and are thriving in their careers. I believe I can take you to the next level in your career too.