Why me?


Like you, I was a job hunter. I used to do what everybody did, i.e. I sent out hundreds of CVs and submitted online applications diligently everyday, hoping the more applications I made the higher my chance of getting hired. Sadly, I had very few interviews and I messed them up, especially telephone interviews. Although I was super competent, I just couldn’t get interviews nor I was able to nail the interview. I didn’t know there was a better way.

One day, I got my first job by doing something different….Then, I landed my first, second job with my unconventional strategy, then my third job and negotiated a 100% pay rise. When it was my fourth job, I even didn’t need to apply nor go for interviews. After so much trial and error at the beginning, I figured out the unconventional way to land my dream job and get the pay I deserve again and again, including making a few career transitions into totally new territories. Of course, my 12+ years’ experience as a headhunter and in-house recruiter helped to improve my system which now has a proven track record. I have tested my approach on former candidates, friends, colleagues and clients – and achieved entirely repeatable results.

As you may not know, I became a headhunter just a few months before the 2008 economic crisis. Almost no company was hiring. There was a headcount freeze everywhere. However, I not only survived but thrived. I built one of the best 7-figure recruitment practices in the private equity and real estate sector in Greater China from scratch and in the worst downturn. My experience during the financial crisis taught me there are always job opportunities for the best fit candidate. I’ve seen this both in my own company and clients’ companies. Six years later after working on the agency side, I was headhunted by a leading global real estate investment firm to spearhead their talent acquisition effort in China. This is where I streamlined the recruitment system, cut our external recruitment agency fee by 65%, increased the speed of placement and service quality by 2-fold.

Candidates Placed
Personally Interviewed

As a former job seeker, hiring manager, headhunter and senior in-house recruiter, I’m passionate about helping you to land your dream job and thrive in your career. I spent over a decade to study successful people’s growth trajectory, successful companies’ hiring processes and talent strategies. I personally interviewed over 20,000 people, placed over 400 candidates into the worlds’ leading companies. I have worked for start-ups, small medium and large sized multinational corporations and Chinese state-owned enterprises.

My clients include some of the world’s most well-known investment firms and their portfolio companies. I have direct, practical experience of what makes a company’s talent acquisition system work or not. Having worked in-house has helped me deeply understand the recruitment business, how hiring decisions are made on the employer side and understand the right approach to talent management. My unique perspective from both sides (i.e. as a headhunter and internal recruiter) enables me to give my clients 360 degree help, especially regarding their job search, interview and salary negotiation process. Many of the people I helped are among the top performers in their companies and are thriving in their careers. I believe I can take you to the next level in your career too.

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