How to work with headhunters and make them work for you

Let’s talk about the different types of search firms (recruitment agencies) first, which will help you better understand why not all headhunters are equal. There are […]
Dont say I dont know anyone

Don’t Say I Don’t Know Anyone

The best job lies not online but in your network. The smart job hunter networks themselves into their next dream job but not by applying online. […]

Land My Dream Job Programme Intro

Hello, If you’re an aspiring professional who desires career success, the fact that you are here is no accident. I’ve helped hundreds of professionals land their […]

How to make a good first impression in the interview?

Here are a few tips on how to make head way in the interview to improve your chances of landing that job. Ensure that the following […]

Don’t Apply For Any Job Nor Go For An Interview Without Reading This

Angelina Matthews If you are determined to land your dream job and get a good compensation, you need to focus on these 10 areas. #1 KNOW […]

17 Golden Rules to Writing a Winning CV

Remember it’s your job to help the reader figure out what you can do for them. So make your CV/resume appealing to your audience. Tailor make […]
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