If you’re an aspiring professional who desires career success, the fact that you are here is no accident.
I’ve helped hundreds of professionals land their dream job much faster than them figuring it out on their own. I’ve also given many people personal advice to choose the right career path and accelerate their progress on their career ladder.
I can make this possible for you, too!
Because I hold a very deep belief:


Which of these sounds familiar to you?

  • You are not clear what exactly is the right career for you. You need help with getting clarification.
  • You are not happy in your job – but you don’t know whether you can find a better job elsewhere.
  • You have been with your current company too long. Even if you are unhappy, you are fearful of going out to look for a new job.
  • You’ve sent out numerous CVs and applied for many jobs online but rarely get any phone calls – let alone face-to-face interviews.
  • You are good at what you do but you seem to have difficulties to get job interviews.
  • You’ve made it to the first round of interviews but can’t make it any further.
  • You’ve tried different techniques to revamp your CV and even get it rewritten by professional CV writers. You finally got some interviews, but you still can’t get a real job offer.
  • You are frustrated by your experience of working with some bad headhunters. You feel you have no control of the hiring process at all.
  • After tedious job hunting for a long time without any results, you are drained, discouraged and have started to doubt your employability. You are questioning your job search strategy and are hungry for advice so that you can get you a breakthrough.
  • You’ve watched many job hunting free advice videos on YouTube, but you still have specific questions and you feel you really need an expert to hold your hand to show you what to do and give you feedback on what you’ve been doing.
  • You’ve been looking for jobs over 6 months but still without any progress. You are beginning to think “I should invest in some expert one to one coaching.”
  • You have worked with some career coaches/counsellors before but without any results. You are thinking you need to find a coach who has been where you are and can help you succeed, or someone has done recruitment and knows exactly how to help you.
  • You are stuck in your job: the management is horrible, the culture is unacceptable, the job is boring, no challenge any more, you are under paid… It’s like going to hell when you think of going to work every day. You can’t leave but you are scared to look for new opportunities because you don’t know where to look and how to secure a better job with better pay.
  • You are happy in your job but there isn’t much space for growth or a pay rise in your current job. If you continue to stay, you will not grow. You want to look outside but you don’t know what’s the best career path for you and how to find a better career.


  • No more time wasted on sending out hundreds of applications without any reply
  • No more stress of not getting any interviews
  • No stress of staying at home for over 6 months but still no job
  • No more stress of going to interviews but feeling you can’t do well
  • You know exactly what to say to the hiring managers to win them over
  • With just a few focused applications, you get interviews, nail them and get a few offers
  • Because you have multiple offers, you have bargaining power to negotiate a package you are worth
  • It’s possible you get 30% or more rise
  • You are working in your dream job
  • You are living your dream
  • You don’t have to be stuck in the same old rut any more
  • With the pay rise, you have more choices: go on that dream holiday you have dreamed of, you have the budget to treat the one you love, you could invest more in your education to take you to the next level…
So what will be possible for you and your career if you join me in the 3 months 1:1 Land My Dream Job coaching programme ?
  • Gaining clarity in your career goals
  • Finding hidden opportunities which are not advertised before your competition can see them
  • Crafting a tailor-made compelling cover letter, CV/resume which secures you interviews
  • Having a LinkedIn profile which stands out from the crowd and gets you headhunted
  • Hacking the application system to have your profile stand out of competition
  • Cutting the queue, putting yourself in front of the decision makers
  • Managing headhunters effectively without surprises and getting “No answer” any more
  • Never wasting any time on the wrong job opportunities nor unqualified headhunters
  • Knowing exactly how to present yourself to interviewers
  • Improving your confidence to interview with ease, nailing the interview and getting the job offer
  • No more endless waiting in darkness and stress. Taking control of the interview process.
  • Confidently negotiating a compensation package to match your expectations and beyond!
  • Landing the dream job you desire faster!
  • Fast track to your career success!

Your Choices

  1. Keep experiencing trial and error by trying to figure it out yourself one day. I believe some people can figure it eventual. It just takes longer and costs more of your time and opportunity cost.
  2. Or some people still can’t figure it after many trial and error, and have to stay in the rut for another 6 months or longer.
  3. Take the fast track by working with a mentor/coach like me. Tony Robbins said: The key to success is to model the successful because success leaves traces. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel but follow my proven successful system instead.

Are you ready to join me in this one of a kind mentorship? I’m here to welcome you into this elite group of passionate aspiring professionals.

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