Some important things you should consider before you commit:

  1. Success is subject to individual effort and results may vary depending on the person and are not guaranteed. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, whether you follow what we agree in your action plan, your business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, the recruiter you work with, the employers’ hiring requirements, process, decision maker preferences and other factors that are not in our control. Since these factors differ for each situation, we cannot guarantee results, nor are we responsible for your outcomes. We can’t help those who are not committed to do their work. This programme is not a magic pill which some people think will cause a dream job to fall from heaven if they pay for it. It requires commitment and hard work. If you are not ready to commit to follow through with a programme, please don’t apply. We do not offer any guarantees for the programme, because we cannot control nor predict the success of our clients. The only guarantee we can provide is that you will receive exactly what we promise you in the programme including the modules, the 1:1 coaching sessions, the reviews, email support, webinars, templates, cheat sheets, quality of our service etc.
  2. Do not commit if you are not prepared to do the work. We will deliver value in numerous ways, including helping you to gain clarity of what you want and your value proposition, reviewing and guiding you to revamp your CV, LinkedIn profile, helping you to reinvent your job search strategy, showing you the shortcut of how to find the job you love, giving you tools to find hidden opportunities, helping you with mock interviews, giving you word by word script you need to ace the interview, etc. But you still must do your part. You must be 100% committed to landing your dream job by following our systems and completing your tasks in a timely manner. This isn’t a “put the money in vending machine, a job will come out” deal. You can’t find a job without following our system and doing your part. Although we’ll give you all the tips, shortcut, templates, cheatsheet and success strategies, you need to implement them.
  3. There are NO REFUNDS and NO DISCOUNTS for this service. It’s like hiring a lawyer or an accountant. We are also paid by the time and effort we put into you. Our time can never be replaced. The pricing reflects our level of expertise and quality of service. If you want the top-level service which generates proven results, that’s the value you pay for.
  4. We cannot work with everyone even if they can pay. If we don’t feel there is a fit, we will immediately refund what you’ve paid. However, once we do accept your payment and we both decide to proceed, there will be no refunds granted.
  5. Only apply for this programme if investing in it would NOT be a financial burden for you and your family.
  6. We ask that you be respectful and give us 24 hours of notice when cancelling any coaching session with us. Please note that the coaching session will still be counted if there is a no show or less than 24 hours of notice was given before the session commences
  7. Confidentiality is key for us. All the information you shared with us will be kept confidential.